We connect people

The associated projects make use of the synergy in the scope of SPOJUJEME and share, among each other, their knowledge and experience gained in the field of gastronomy, entertainment and renting of event venues. 
We connect event venues for any occasion and offer our services to agencies as well as end customers or individuals to whom we can provide perfect comfort and services.

Our mission

We create a unique concept of cooperation in which each of the associated projects creates new trends on the Czech market. They share information, people, and experience. Together, they are much stronger. 

Our vision

We create places where people can meet and have a break from their everyday affairs. They leave with unforgettable experience imprinted on their minds.


In terms of what we do and how we do it, we behave considerately. Because we believe that there is another way – the environment-friendly way. So, what we are about and what precisely we do?

  • All at one table, without prejudices or compromises. We connect people who pay attention to what they eat and demand high-quality food.
  • The food on a plate has to make sense. It needs to be balanced, to contain only high-quality ingredients, to be served beautifully, to be unique and, most importantly, tasty.
  • We are flexitarian.
  • We ferment both vegetable and fruit drinks.
  • There’s no entry for white sugar.
  • We use minimum amount of industrially processed products. In cases when there’s no other option, we always check if their ingredients make sense.
  • For example, we use ham, exclusively prepared for us at Maso Domů, that meets our strict demands – no sugar and food preservatives.
  • We cooperate with local and ethical suppliers. We have personal relationships with most of our suppliers.
  • We get eggs from Mr. Kubát’s family farm with an almost-one-hectare poultry run.
  • We get meat from BioPark, the project with dozens of Czech eco-farms from submontane areas involved.
  • From Odbytové družstvo Polabí, we buy oddly-shaped vegetables, otherwise destined to end up in a compost bin.
  • Some of the herbs we use come from our chefs’ gardens.
  • We prefer products with ecological aspect, such as our conference room chairs at Spojka Events (which are made from waste plastic picked from the ocean) or the waste bins in Endorfin (their purchase supports ocean-cleaning).
  • All our venues are as marketing-free as possible.
  • We prefer recycled and recyclable materials.
  • We do recycle and upcycle – everytime, everything and everywhere.
  • Our offices are as paper-free as possible.
  • Our company car is an electric one.
  • We offer or use only limited amount of individually packaged products, take-away cups, straws etc. If we have to use the aforementioned, we always choose their eco-friendly version.
  • We have also cut down our offer of packaged beverages. We only offer beverages in glass bottles or cans – we never offer beverages in plastic bottles.
  • We do not offer traditional menu boxes. We offer REkrabička boxes only.
  • Catering offer descriptions can be found on basalt stones.
  • Our place is decorated with real plants or natural products.
  • We minimize waste as much as we can.
  • During summer holidays, children from congregate care settings can come to enjoy escape games for free.
  • We participate in local community life nearby our venues and restaurants.
  • Neighbouring businesses are ensured special conditions.
  • All our venues and restaurants are children-friendly and pet-friendly.
  • Chefs for Change International
  • Rostlinně   
  • Potravinová banka
  • Polívková smršť
  • Zachraň jídlo
  • Nesnězeno
  • Giving Tuesday 
  • Kokoza
  • Změna k lepšímu
  • Česká eventová asociace
  • Hospodářská komora ČR