• You can get your card anytime you come to play escape room games in Endorfin.
  • Usually, we give 1 card per team, but it is possible to request a card for each player.
  • The discount ends on September 10, 2019.


  • There’s 6 boxes for stamps on the card. 5 of them are marked with names of the escape room games (Titanic / Freddy Krueger / SAW / Márnice / Star Wars) and the last box is marked as “Odměna” (Reward).
  • After completing a game, the players are entitled to get a stamp for a relevant box (according the game completed). However, only one stamp per team is given for a completed game, regardless of a number of cards in the team.
  • It is possible to get a stamp right after completing a game only. You can’t get a stamp additionally, or for purchase of vouchers or future games. The stamps are also not given for games completed in the scope of corporate events.
  • If a player has 5 boxes on their loyalty card stamped, they are entitled to get a reward in the form of a bottle of Prosecco Soligo to be picked up in the Endorfin bar.
  • The card is transferable and is not assigned to a team or any particular individual.
  • To receive the reward, the card has to have 5 stamps and the box marked as “Odměna” has to be empty. After receiving the reward, the player will be given the 6th stamp by the service and the card will be returned to the player subsequently.
  • Only individuals over 18 years of age can receive the reward.


  • It is possible to use the card as a discount card in restaurant in the scope of Spojujeme (Spojka Karlín). Individuals with an Endorfin loyalty card will get a 7% discount on their bill. (It’s not possible to combine the discount with other discounts.)
  • To get the discount, it is necessary to show your loyalty card to the service during your payment.
  • The discount in the aforementioned restaurant is available for everyone with the card, regardless of a number of stamps.

(Endorfin World s.r.o. reserves the right to edit the aforementioned rules during the period of validity of the discount.)


  1. What is the Endorfin loyalty card useful for in case I have already completed some of the games in Endorfin?
    1. The card is transferable and the stamps for games that you have already completed may be obtained by one of your friends. The card also serves as a discount card in the restaurants in the scope of Spojujeme.
  2. I don’t have my card with me at the moment. Is it possible to bring it next time and get the stamp additionally?
    1. You can only obtain stamps right after completing the game, it is not possible to get a stamp additionally. We can give you a new card and if you bring both cards next time, it is possible to transfer the stamps to one of them.
  3. I’ve lost my card, what do I do? Will I get a new one?
    1. In case of losing the card, it is possible to get a new card without stamps.
  4. I’ve damaged my card (e.g., spilled coffee on it). Will I get a new one?
    1. Yes, we will exchange your card for a new one with the stamps you’ve got, in case you submit the original card at the bar.